The permanent fence guide for paddocks

52 Post spacing: 1.50 m Post spacing: 1.50 m The semi-permanent fence | T-Post and fence rope B 1 2 3 C D D C E E G H E F F G H Item no. 446516 A A + B + C E-Line 3-6m (item no. 44255/011) E-Line 4.5-9m (item no. 442551/011) AKO E-Line ... Elastic and flexible to use! The flexible E-Line gate system is installed over 3 gate posts. The 2 tethering gate posts are driven in at 3 m or 4.5 m depending on the base length of the E-Line. If the E-Line gate is opened, the gate handle stops at the rope insulator. If the gate is closed, the gate handle is hung on the gate insulator. Important Please ensure that you follow the maximum extension lengths of the E-Line. I.e. the 3rd gate post can be driven in either 3 m or 4.5 away. Item no. 44819 U-cable with protective hose Item no. 44627/011 Rope Connecting Cable Item no. 44629/011 Rope Connector Gate Handle Insulator Item no. 441225 Wire connecting clamp Item no. 441209/041 Quick rope connector Item no. 441253 Item no. 441252 Head Insulator Item no. 441190 Item no. 441189 Stretch Insulator E-Line post spacing 3-6 m: max. 3.20 m E-Line post spacing 4.5-9 m: max. 4.70 m E-Line post spacing 3-6 m: max. 3.00 m E-Line post spacing 4.5-9 m: max. 4.50 m AKO tip: for separating larger pathways, e.g. closing off yards when bringing horses in and out. Ideal for use together with quick rope connector item no. 441209/041 Available in lengths: item no. 441890 - 25 m item no. 441891 - 50 m Item no. 441788 Fence Starter Set T-Post