The permanent fence guide for paddocks

54 The function of an electric fence system This is how an electric fence system works. ...with a closed electrical circuit An electric fence system consists of: A) An electric fence unit that generates regular electric pulses. B) One of more conductor material rows that transport the electricity. ➜ The conductor materials do not absolutely have to form a closed fence loop. C) Insulators that isolate the electricity from earth. D) Permanent or mobile posts that can be used as required. E) The earth of the electric fence unit, which should be buried as deep as possible in damp soil. If the animal touches the wire, an electric circuit is closed, i.e. the electric current flows through the animal and the earth back to the fence device. The animal consequently receives an unpleasant, though harmless, electric shock and retreats. An electric fence system of this kind is used successfully to pen animals in and also to keep other animals out. See the AKO tips for earthing on page 62.