The permanent fence guide for paddocks

53 Fence tester Item no. 44669 01 ...for testing whether the minimum shock voltage of 2,500 volts ifs available in the fence every day. 04 Item no. 446513 Warning signs ...for informing third parties that there is electricity here. Please attach the signs in regular, clearly visible intervals on the fence. Signal light Item no. 441223/011 02 ...for visual voltage checks on the fence. The warning light stops flashing below a voltage of 3,000 V. Fence control Item no. 441122 03 ...for monitoring and controlling the fence system. The alarm message arrives via push message on your mobile phone. 05 Item no. 44607 Fence switch a practical on/off and changeover switch for your fence system. Can control 2 separate fence systems. 06 Item no. 449602/011 Lightning protection ...protects your electric fence unit from over-voltage caused by lighting strikes to the fence. Products for improving safety Fence and safety products