AKO Wildlife Defence

20 cm 40 cm 60 cm 80 cm 100 cm 120 cm 140 cm 160 cm 180 cm 2 2 3 1 1 “Lactic ripe oats and wheat in particular, but also all other crops are very much at risk. Should there be a large herd, a huge amount of additional trampling damage and damage to stores can occur. Although mouflons are excellent jumpers, it only jumps even low fences if under significant pressure, which makes it easy to keep away from at-risk areas using an electric fence.” GAME MASTER MATTHIAS MEYER – professional hunter in a large private forestry and hunting administration, author 23 Large game Alternative: AKO EasyNet sheep nets are tried and tested from domestic sheep farming. AKO offers the blue WildNet with three conductive TriCOND rows for keeping wild animals at bay. The AKO WildNet has a length of 50 m and a height of 75 cm above ground. The netting elements can be easily connected together. Optimum mouflon deterrence means affixing at least two blue AKO TopLine Plus fencing tapes at 120 cm and 160 cm or 180 cm on appropriately tall additional posts and supplying them with power. 4 Aluminium strips or rags 5 Fence connection cable with alligator clips 6 Signal light Warning sign 7 8 Insulators 1 White-blue TopLine Plus fence wire 2 Blue TopLine Plus fence tape 3 Blue signal tape