AKO Wildlife Defence

Wild Boar As soon as high-growing crops such as rapeseed, rye, maize or miscanthus (China reed) provide sufficient cover in the hunting grounds, wild boar will move in. The result: considerable damage caused by feeding and rooting. Damage like this can be avoided with a properly set up and maintained AKO electric fence. The power is supplied by a very powerful 12 V AKO electric fence device. For long fences with multiple wires and where heavy vegetation is to be expected, we recommend a pulse energy of more than 5 Joules. Please note: in order to effectively protect rapeseed crops, but especially maize fields, the electric fence must be set up and energised before the crops provide cover. Otherwise, you run the risk of fencing in sows already in it. A wild boar defence fence should be 50 to 60 cm high. A wooden post should be sunk at the corners of the field and, depending on the fence length, halfway along each side of the field, to which insulators are screwed. 90 cm long AKO plastic posts with integrated wire eyelets are installed in between (depending on the terrain) at intervals of 6 to 8 metres depending on the height of the fence. The wires are tensioned on the wooden posts, whereas they only need to be inserted into the eyelets of the plastic posts. Recommendation: where the risk of damage is high, tension three wires at 20 cm, 40 cm and 50 to 60 cm from the ground. Otherwise, two wires may be sufficient. Don't forget a gate for agricultural machinery to pass through. Important: the electric fence must be clearly visible to boars. This is why you should tension 25 Large game For hunters, damage cause by wild animals to any kind of crop is not only annoying, it’s also expensive. The crops taste good when they reach lactic ripeness.