AKO Wildlife Defence

a blue AKO TopLine Plus fence tape at 40 cm height. A white-blue AKO TopLine Plus polywire is then tensioned above and below this. Our tip: the electric fence is even more visible if a blue signal tape is drawn through the uppermost guides of the AKO plastic posts. This also causes movement noises in the wind. Recommendation: In areas exposed to wind, we recommend that you cut the signal tape into several pieces and secure one piece to the top of each post. It's worth the effort! “Preventing damage caused by wild animals is a key task for hunters in many territories. The electric fence is more effective than any other countermeasure, since the main maize crop has such a long at-risk period. If you do not shy away from the time-consuming regular inspections and maintenance of the electric fence then, together with some hunting, you will almost be able to forget about damage caused by wild animals!” GAME MASTER MATTHIAS MEYER – professional hunter in a large private forestry and hunting administration, author 27 Large game 4 Aluminium strips or rags 5 Fence connection cable with alligator clips 6 Signal light Warning sign 7 8 Insulators 1 Premium WildHog Polywire 2 Blue TopLine Plus fence tape 3 Blue signal tape 20 cm 40 cm 50-60 cm 60-70 cm 2 3 1 1