AKO Wildlife Defence

VORSICHT ELEKTROZAUN 5 7 4 4 4 6 3 Fox | Badger defence fence 42 the wires and insulators screwed in. Two whiteblue AKO TopLine Plus polywires are attached at 10 and 20 cm above ground. There is still a risk of undermining. Please note: you must consider any uneven terrain and the distance of the electric fence to the aviary. You must prevent foxes or badgers getting under the fence or foxes jumping over it. Other fence variants: if you are using non-electrifiable AKO poultry nets, the procedure is generally the same. Wildlife protection fences are frequently used for free-range chicken rearing for egg production. However, foxes can climb up the mesh or force themselves through. This is why we recommend the same procedure as for aviaries described above. Poultry is also kept behind fences with metal mesh. If the mesh is larger than 5 cm in size, foxes can climb over fences like these. In order to prevent this, an AKO TopLine Plus polywire is attached according to the respective conditions at 10 and 20 cm above the fence and electrified. Don't forget the warning signs. We recommend using a 230 V AKO power supply in the vicinity of buildings.