AKO Wildlife Defence

20 cm 30 cm 40 cm 10 cm 5 m 1 1 2 2 6 5 4 3 VORSICHT ELEKTROZAUN Otter defence fence 46 Please note: uneven terrain must be taken into account. The key to success: in regions with deep snow and risk of flooding, AKO posts of at least 160 to 180 cm length must be used, on which the wire heights are also freely adjustable. AKO T-post metal posts or AKO fibreglass posts are suitable, for example. Although it is labour-intensive, the ground clearance of the wires must increase along with the height of the snow. Keeping the vegetation short around the electric fence is also important in the growing season. Tip: where permanent fencing systems around fish ponds are permitted, there is a risk that otters will climb over the fence. This can be prevented by attaching insulators to the outer side of the fence at 20 and 40 cm above the ground and tensioning and electrifying an AKO TopLine Plus polywire on each one. A current-carrying wire tensioned 10 to 15 cm above the fence is also effective. Problems: AKO Agrartechnik feels obliged to point out that 1. Fish farms or their pond facilities are often easily accessible. Children in particular could grab the electric fence. Therefore, you must attach clearly visible warning signs at these points.