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A fencing system includes: • A powerful electric fence device that generated regular electric pulses. • Two 12 V batteries for replacement, possibly supplemented by a solar module to extend the run time. • A battery charger. • A 230 V power pack in the vicinity of the building with a power supply is ideal. • Three special earthing rods with ground connection cable. • High-quality conductor material. Usually several wires that conduct the current. Preferably a mix of wires and tapes. • Plastic posts through whose guides the wires are pulled. • Fixed or movable wooden posts. • Ring and gate handle insulators • Fast wire connector • Fence connector cable • Gate handle kit • Reels • Blue signal tape • Warning signs • Fence voltage tester • Mechanical theft set (recommended) The variety of products and their high quality alone do not lead to success. Therefore, the five following aspects must be considered for an installed electric fence: 1. Create the best possible earthing. 2. Daily fence checks – not just with a voltage tester, also the entire fence system. 3. Pay attention to plants and branches lying over the wires and also wires sagging to the ground. They significantly reduce performance. 4. For the same reason, the vegetation underneath the wires or netting must also be kept as short as possible. 5. The charging power of the battery should be checked at regular intervals.Replace it immediately if weakened. 7 Visit our website With our practical fence calculator, you can configure your individual fence system. www.fenceconfigurator.com The Electric Fence Useful accessories: AKO gate handle insulator and fast wire connector, multimeter and simple voltage tester.