HK Rheintechnik

11 3 ​ ​ ref. no. ​ ​ € 1032 1 50 ​ 3-year warranty Calf Resuscitator Dr Bron HK Calf Resuscitator The first few minutes are decisive! The calf comes hind legs first or stays in the birth canal for too long. Breathing does not start, birth mucus closes the airways. Now is the time to act quickly! The calf is often pulled up by its hind legs or hung over the closest fence to enable the mucus to flow out of the airways. But the opposite actually happens: the calf has even more trouble breathing as its internal organs press against its lungs and bronchi. Using a resuscitator, colloquially known as a ‘calf saver’, is much easier on the farmer’s back and also far more effective. Purchasing a resuscitator pays for itself after saving just one calf. How it works: The HK Rheintechnik calf resuscitator looks like a large air pump. It consists of a sturdy metal cylinder and a hard plastic suction cup with a rubber lip. The suction cup is placed over the calf’s nose and mouth. 1. Mucus is removed from the respiratory tract in one powerful stroke. 2. The mucus is expelled from the pump, then air is pumped into the airways. The lung’s lobes and alveoli can unfold. This process can be repeated several times until the calf starts breathing by itself. In the lateral position, the pump can be used several times without expelling the mucus, as it does not re-enter the airways. If the calf does not start breathing by itself after 4 - 5 strokes, it should be turned and the process repeated. This allows the lung that had been closer to the ground and possibly compressed by the weight of the internal organs to come to the top and also unfold. Advantages: • especially sturdy The metal cylinder is shock-resistant, the hard plastic suction cup with rubber lip is also practically indestructible. This makes the Dr Bron calf resuscitator perfect for quick use in emergency situations. • easy handling • can also be used by a single person