Scratch Brushes

4 Cattle Brush HAPPYCOW Duo Through the extensive brushing, cleaning and massaging of the head, neck, back, torso and flank, the skin is better supplied with blood and the metabolism is stimulated. The 2-brush machine allows simultaneous cleaning of the flanks and the back. • the cow cleaning machine is automatically activated by the animals slightly raising the brush • high-quality bristles ensure a long service life • optimised brushes ensure that animals are happy to use them • permanent lubrication over the gears‘ entire service life • intelligent electronics for fault-free and low-maintenance operation • control with clearly visible display to indicate the operating status • variable setting options for brush running time (10 - 300 s) • the changing direction of the brush after ever activation ensures even wear of the brushes • the torque safety shutdown stops the brush when it encounters too much resistance, ensuring safety in the barn • plug ready for connection to 230 V socket • all steel parts are hot dip galvanised a quality product developed and produced by Kerbl ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour Width Depth Height ​ € ​ 18820 red / blue 40 cm 105 cm 115 cm 2 ​ ​ Technical data 18820 Voltage 230 V Mains frequency 50 Hz Power 370 W Speed 60 rpm Weight 150 kg Protection class IP54 length of horizontal brush 550 mm Ø Horizontal Brush 285 - 420 mm length of vertical brush 650 mm Ø Vertical Brush 275 - 315 mm Bristle material Polyamide Ref. no. Description Material suitable for ​ ​ € 18821 Spare Brush horizontal Polyamide HAPPYCOW Duo, Kerbl; Schurr; Krazzmaxx 1 24 ​ 18822 Spare Brush vertical Polyamide HAPPYCOW Duo, Kerbl; Krazzmaxx 1 36 ​ 18824 Spare Brush vertical Polyamide Schurr (> 2008) 1 36 ​ Made in Germany