Scratch Brushes

3 Installation location So that your animals enjoy an optimum brushing experience, the installation location of the brushes should be selected with care. Select a location which has a lot of free space, so that other animals can get past the animals who are scratching themselves, and that low-ranking animals also get their brushing time. Ensure that dead-ends and dark corners are avoided, and position the brushes as far as possible from feeding and drinking areas, in order to prevent contamination from these. Find the right brush type for your application: Brushes for Animals The benefits suitable for Installation location HAPPYCOW Uno installation on half-height wall possible adult cattle wall, half-height wall HAPPYCOW Duo simultaneous brushing of back and flank adult cattle Wall HAPPYCOW MaxiSwing accessible from all sides - large brush surface adult cattle wall, pillar HAPPYCOW MidiSwing accessible from all sides cattle aged 1 year and above wall, pillar HAPPYCOW MiniSwing accessible from all sides Calves and goats wall, pillar HAPPYCOW Free Maxi low-cost and low-maintenance Large animals wall, pillar HAPPYCOW Free Midi •Mounting on ceiling is possible - inexpensive and low maintenance – also for keeping cattle occupied. smaller breeds and young animals Ceiling, wall, pillar Post Scrubber Scratch Brush for Outdoor Use Cattle, calves, goats, horses, etc. For floor/ground installation on compacted surfaces or pasture land HAPPYCOW Bully very robust construction, designed for bull fattening Beef fattening Fence stabling, wall