Scratch Brushes

2 Top quality animal comfort improved animal health Animals have the need to rub and scratch themselves. Cattle brushes are an important part of general hygiene and no modern cowshed should be without one. The animals clean themselves and get rid of lice, mites, and other parasites. The development of eczema or fungal infections is reduced or even generally prevented. When animals are healthy, then you have a calm, relaxed herd. Improved yield Healthy and cared-for cattle and goats can achieve improved yields because the feeling of well-being is an important factor. The large-area brushing and massaging increases blood circulation in the skin, promotes heat dissipation and stimulates the metabolism. The stimulated blood circulation can increase milk yields and increase the frequency of „in-heat“ periods. Variety and occupation The animals become calmer, their well-being increases through the use of a scratch brush, and they are also occupied. Undesirable animal behaviours, such as mutual suckling with calves, are also reduced. Easy assembly Our electric cow cleaning machines are easy to install and nearly maintenance-free. Greasing at the pressure lubrication points and prompt replacement of brush rollers extend service life and attractiveness to animals. The devices are suitable for outside installation, e.g. under a projecting roof. Robust and effective Not every cow brush achieves the same result. It should particularly ensured that the brush can be operated by the animal easily, reaches as many body parts as possible, has a good cleaning effect, does not injure the animal, requires little maintenance, and works problem-free. The importance of a robust and long-lasting design is demonstrated by the fact that, in a herd of 30 animals, each cow brushes herself for 10 minutes per day on average, and so a cow-cleaning machine operates for several hours every day. Smart and secure Further important aspects in the selection of a suitable cow brush include safe, injury-free use and convenient operation. This is where the intelligent electronics of the HAPPYCOW brushes convince through error-free, low-maintenance operation. With their clearly visible display of the operating status, the controls provide a variable adjustment option of the brush running time (10 to 300 s). The changing direction of the brush after every activation ensures even wear of the brushes. The torque-operated safety shutdown stops the brush when it encounters too much resistance, thus ensuring safety in the cowshed. Made in Germany – Produktion in Buchbach Qualitätsprodukte aus dem Hause Kerbl Beim Tierkomfort setzt Kerbl auf Qualität Made in Germany: Alle Kuhputzmaschinen werden entwickelt und produziert im Hause Kerbl.