Veterinary Equipment 2023

29 Introducer for bolus and ruminal magnet • for single-handed operation • rounded edges • Introducer sleeve: internal diameter 36 mm, length 11 cm, with retaining spring • suitable for Calzogol Bolus (item No. 15980), Ket-oVital Bolus (item No. 15982), Fertilgol Bolus (item No. 15983), Phosphogol Bolus (item No. 15987) and cage magnets 2129: suitable for young cattle and small cattle species 2139: suitable for large cattle species (e.g. Holstein, Fleckvieh, Brown Swiss) ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour Material Length ​ € 2129 green stainless steel 53 cm 1/30 ​ 2139 green stainless steel 70 cm 1/30 ​ Head Support for Cattle • simple and safe fixing of the head • facilitates treatments and the administration of drugs or feed • Fastening on feed grate • suitable for pipes with a diameter of up to max. 7.5 cm • Reduces stress and risk of injury to animals and keepers • Material: metal ​ ​ ​ Ref. no. Colour ​ € 2164 blue 1 ​ Diarrhoea Test for Calves Fast test for cattle and calves When you want to know for sure whether or not your calf is suffering from E. coli, rotaviruses, corona viruses or cryptosporidia, then the test provides the answer. Often times, multiple infections from different pathogens occur along with the individual infections. Treatment and planning reliability – Improved success in calf rearing! ​ ​ Ref. no. Contents ​ € 15843 5 pieces / Pack 1/25 ​ Dietary supplement How to use: • take a diarrhoea sample and mix it with the supplied reagent fluid • next, place the mixture on the test cassette • rapid identification of the pathogen is possible after approx. 10 minutes, so that swift initial measures can be taken, e.g. intensive disinfection