Veterinary Equipment 2023

30 Calz-o-Phos Liquid For reducing the risk of clinical and subclinical milk fever (parturient paresis) • for preventing calcium and phosphorus deficiency due to the very high levels of available calcium and phosphorus (59 g / 45 g per bottle) • protects the mucous membranes – without caustic calcium chloride • easy and stress-free applications: • 1. Directly into the mouth using a bottle. • 2. Mix Calz-o-Phos with concentrated feed. • 3. In combination with a strengthening drink after calving. Dietary mineral feed for milk cows to lower the risk of milk fever. High calcium content in the form of readily available calcium salts. ​ ​ Ref. no. Contents MOQ Pieces / unit ​ € 15974 500 ml / Bottle 1 pack 4 / pack 1/5 ​ 15975 5000 ml / Canister ​ ​ 1 ​ LaktaStart® Calving Drink for Cows • concentrate to make a strengthening drink for cows that recently calved • contains electrolytes, vitamins, organically bound trace elements and energy sources that are very important for cows at this stage • the excellent aroma increases the voluntary intake of water right after calving and can thus prevent abomasal displacement among other things • time-saving application and easy dosing • great for supplementing with Calz-o-Phos Liquid (milk fever prevention) • no artificial flavours Supplementary feed (for dairy cows) for the short-term administration of extra vitamins and trace elements ​ ​ Ref. no. Contents ​ € 15760 200 ml / Bottle 1/12 ​ Surlac® Plus Liquid Liquid concentrate for the acidification of milk and milk substitutes • surlac Plus simplifies drinking management • the liquid is “pre-digested” via the safe acidification. Therefore, the drink remains well tolerated for young animals even under 39 °C. This is important for ad libitum, supply and cold drinks • acidification under pH 5.5 suppresses the growth of certain bacteria (e.g. E. coli). • also serves to stabilise the intestinal flora • Surlac Plus liquid contains essential iron. Iron promotes blood formation and infection defence. This helps to increase the vitality of the calves Supplementary feed for the acidification of milk or milk substitutes ​ ​ Ref. no. Contents ​ € 15977 5000 ml / Canister 1 ​ Dietary supplement Quality for feed Quality for feed Quality for feed Feeding recommendation: • 1st bottle (500 ml) approx. 24 hours prior to calving and 2nd bottle (500 ml) immediately after calving. • If required: 3rd bottle (500 ml) 12 hours after calving and, if necessary, 4th bottle (500 ml) 24 hours after calving. • To increase calcium and phosphorus in the feed ration after veterinary calcium infusion: 1st bottle (500 ml) 8-12 hours after the infusion and the 2nd bottle (500 ml) 24 hours after the infusion. Feeding recommendation: • Pour the contents of one bottle (200 ml) into a bucket and dilute with 20-30 litres of tepid water and present to the cow directly after calving. Feeding recommendation: • Slowly stir in 3 – 5 ml of Surlac Plus per litre of milk or milk substitute. Acidification can take place from the 2nd dose of colostrum. 15975 15974 Top Seller