AKO Wildlife Defence

In this guide, we present a detailed excerpt in words and pictures from our range of wild animal deterrent fence products, customised to the different wild animal types and their specific characteristics: proven practical solutions that ensure a successful and long-term protection function. We also provide other solutions for your individual requirements. Your AKO team Questions hotline: +49 80 86 933 577 Dear Customer, From corn fields ruined by wild boar, fish ponds plundered by otters, or sheep taken by wolves – the topic of wild animal deterrent is not just a perennial issue, but also has additional, new, problematic facets. The damages can quickly amount to thousands of euros. Deterrents usually bring only time-limited success. Electric fences, in contrast, have been proven to provide safe, longterm protection. Since 2000, AKO-Agrartechnik, a company specialising in the production of electric fences, has been a part of the Albert Kerbl GmbH family business, which boasts a wealth of experience in animal husbandry and is very well acquainted with the needs of farmers and animal lovers. It’s a successful combination with a high level of expertise. 3 Foreword