AKO Wildlife Defence

Red deer defence fence 14 Similar to livestock farming, one or two wires are usually enough to deter red deer. The wires are tensioned on the wooden posts, whereas they only need to be inserted into the eyelets of the plastic posts. Important: the electric fence or wire must be easily recognisable as an obstacle for the wild animals. It is best to use a blue TopLine Plus fence tape. With two tensioned wires, the upper should be the blue fence tape, whereas TopLine Plus polywire is ideal for the lower one. Our tip: where there is a lot of wildlife, hang blue signal tapes made of plastic or reflective and noisy aluminium foil strips, or even just rags, on the fence tape or wire at regular intervals. This will make the fence even more visible to the deer. And it's worth the effort! Please note: If there are also wild boars present alongside the red deer in the area, we advise installing more wires at 20 to 25 cm above the ground, then 50 cm and 160 to 180 cm at the top. Please read our recommendations on wild boar defence fences for more information. VORSICHT ELEKTROZAUN TOR mind. 5 m 7-8 m 6 5 4 7 8 Gate mi . 5 m