AKO Wildlife Defence

VORSICHT ELEKTROZAUN 6-7 m 6 5 7 8 TOR mind. 5 m 4 Roe deer defence fence 30 Rooting damage in lanes is often a nuisance. be inserted into the eyelets of the plastic posts. On stony ground, you will need to prepare holes using an iron rod or auger. The electric fence absolutely must be placed at the main wild animal interchanges and can then protect the vineyard in a U-shape. You can then decide for yourself whether to fence in the “harmless” side. Important: the electric fence must be clearly visible to boars and deer. This is why you should tension a blue AKO TopLine Plus fence tape at 40 cm height. A white-blue AKO TopLine Plus polywire is then tensioned above and below this. A blue signal tape can also be drawn through the uppermost guides of the plastic posts. Where roe deer occur, a blue AKO TopLine Plus fence tape must also be tensioned at a height of 160 to 180 cm. Depending on the terrain type Gate min. 5 m