AKO Wildlife Defence

5 Fence connection cable with alligator clips 6 Signal light 7 Warning sign 8 Insulators 1 Premium WildHog Polywire 2 Blue TopLine Plus fence tape 3 Blue signal tape “Our vineyards around Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, Austria, are cultivated with great diligence and experience. Wild animal damage caused by roe deer biting at buds and young shoots and the resultant damage to the vines are a major issue in viticulture. We are getting this problem very much under control through discussions and working together with the hunters and using short-term electric fences to keep wild animals at bay.” ÖK. ALOIS SCHUSTER, Halbturn (Austria), President of the Burgenland Wine-Growing Association from 1997 to 2009 31 Small game and wildlife occurrence, the AKO “WildNet” wild animal defence net is also recommended. Our tip: to effectively protect vineyards, winemakers should take accompanying measures. Keeping the ground vegetation in the lanes between vines very short means the roe deer are not offered any additional attractive browsing or cover. In some areas (countries), there are state subsidies for defence against wild animal damage in vineyards. 4 Aluminium strips or rags 20 cm 40 cm 50-60 cm 60-70 cm 3 1 1 2