AKO Wildlife Defence

5 The Electric Fence extensive range of fencing systems for all kinds of applications. AKO focuses on wild animal deterrence in particular. The core issue here is definitely the use of electric fences to prevent wildlife damaging agricultural land. The damage to crops caused by wild boar and also red deer, fallow deer and mouflons feeding and trampling is likely to amount to several million euros in Germany alone. Then there is also the sometimes massive rooting damage in Greenland, for which wild boars are solely responsible. The damage situation is equally problematic in wine-growing regions: mainly roe deer and wild boars eating buds and grapes is a huge nuisance here. An exact estimate of all actual damage is not possible due to excessively high error rates. For years now, electric fences have been used to protect against foxes and badgers. With the increase and spread of the number of wolves, animal owners are relying on electric fences for effective herd protection. Electric fences can also effectively prevent damage caused by beavers to crops or by otters entering fish farms. The following pages provide valuable advice on setting up an electric fence adapted for each kind of wild animal respectively. AKO Starter Kit Mobil Power AN 5500 plus AKO Plastic Post Premium. Practical fence connection cables.