AKO Wildlife Defence

Wild rabbit defence fence 34 The AKO battery unit Mobil Power Savanne 2000 is ideal for supplying power, and it also comes with a galvanised metal box. The 12 volt device has a high output power and is suitable for normal fencing systems, even those with heavier vegetation. Solar operation is possible. An additional protection against undermining can be achieved if the net is laid flat on the ground around 20 cm to the outside. The fold should be weighted down with soil or stones. In very problematic cases, the net fence should be dug down around 20 to 30 cm. This increases the complexity, as then the electrical voltage must be ensured via an additional wired defence fence. AKO Premium SX wire affixed on the lower three eyelets of 156 cm high solid plastic posts with steel tips is very suitable. In general – as for any other electric fence – the yellow AKO “Caution – electric fence” warning signs must be attached, preferably in numerous places. An electric fence that is carefully constructed, maintained and regularly checked for tending safety is a supplementary measure for the reduction of damage even in the case of wild rabbits. Hunting is unavoidable for keeping the numbers under control. VORSICHT ELEKTROZAUN 5 4 3 5,9 cm 5,9 cm