AKO Wildlife Defence

“After talking to those concerned, we have found that an electric fence helps to prevent damage caused by wild rabbits. But only a combination of intensive hunting in autumn and winter and setting up an electric fence is truly effective. Regular checking for undermining or jumping between two posts is important. An earthing wire between the net and the uppermost tape is a good supporting measure. This means that any rabbits jumping over it receive earthing contact.” AXEL SEIDEMANN – hunts professionally, including rabbits in parks, gardens and industrial complexes, author on small game 35 Small game Please note: uneven terrain must be taken into account. If the distance from the ground is too large, the rabbits will slip under the fence. 4 Blue signal tape 5 Signal light 1 Rabbit net 5.9 cm mesh size 2 Fence connection cable with alligator clips 3 Warning sign 2 1