AKO Wildlife Defence

VORSICHT ELEKTROZAUN 4-5 m 10 cm 30 cm 50 cm 80 cm 110 cm 130 cm 2 2 1 1 1 6 5 7 8 4 3 Wolf defence fence The AKO WolfNet ...includes the following benefits: • Quick assembly and disassembly • 50 m long blue net in one piece • Two net heights: 125 | 138 cm with signal band • 6 current-carrying TriCOND wires • Non-electrifiable floor wire as protection against undermining • Defined wire distances and number of posts 38 The following must be observed: the wires are tensioned tightly on the wooden posts, whereas they only need to be inserted into the eyelets of the plastic posts. Don't let them sag. Important: the AKO electric fence or AKO WolfNet must be positioned at a sufficient distance from embankments and slopes (not at their upper end!) as well as from forest roads (not at the Blue signal tape for better visibility.