AKO Wildlife Defence

4 5 Fence connection cable with alligator clips 1 Premium WildHog Polywire 2 Blue TopLine Plus fence tape 3 Blue signal tape “The return of wolves to Germany poses a challenge, especially when it comes to promoting a largely conflict-free coexistence between domestic animals and wolves. Good protection is a prerequisite to keep the number of attacks on domestic animals as low as possible in the long term. Commercially available live fences with a recommended height of at least 110 centimetres are very effective protection against wolf attacks. This is because they are a barrier that causes pain to the wolf when one touches it.” VANESSA LUDWIG – Project manager of the Wolfsregion Lausitz contact offices (Saxony) 39 Predators lower end), rootstocks and similar. Wolves could otherwise use the natural circumstances as aids to enter. Attention must also be paid to excluding water ditches and ponds, as wolves could jump over them or run through them. Outside of the grazing season, you must disassemble the fences that are no longer electrified. Wolves could otherwise learn how to overcome them. There is also the risk that other wild animals could get caught in the fence or that material fatigue could occur due to frost. Note: in hunting grounds, winter can see attacks on cloven-hoofed animals at feeding stations and winter fences. The electric fences described above can also be used here to keep wolves away. Particular attention must be paid to the respective terrain and the different snow heights. Aluminium strips or rags 6 Signal light 7 Warning sign 8 Insulators WolfNet