AKO Wildlife Defence

5 m 1 2 6 5 4 3 VORSICHT ELEKTROZAUN 10 cm 30 cm Beaver defence fence two AKO fibreglass posts, preferably with two height-adjustable plastic eyelets, are sunk as deep as possible into the base of the body of water or the beaver dam above the removed or worn out beaver dam. The fence should be continued for 5 to 10 m on the banks above and below the dam. Two any colour AKO TopLine Plus fence tapes should be attached at 10 and max. 30 cm from the ground, the dam or water surface and electrified. Important: the electric fence should be set up along the water course. At the ends of the agricultural land to be protected, it is continued for 20 to 30 m at a right angle (U-shape). This prevent beavers from circumventing the fence. If they undermine it, you must set up the electric fence around the exit. 50