AKO Wildlife Defence

6 Insulators Fence connection cable with alligator clips 3 1 White-blue TopLine Plus fence wire 2 Blue TopLine Plus fence tape 4 Warning sign 5 Signal light Please note: it is essential to consider uneven terrain (either lift the lowest wire or pull it down with an additional post). As the lower wire is so close to the ground, special attention must be paid to ensure that vegetation is kept short along the fence. In general, but especially when it comes to water, never forget to set up warning signs. It is usually sufficient to energise the electric fence for one to two weeks. Beavers will then keep away from the protected areas for some time. “Beavers are very flexible vegetarians and tend to help themselves wherever agriculture ‘provides’ energy-rich crops. An electric fence can help to avoid damage and prevent beavers tunnelling under the arable land used for food or building dams in smaller trenches. It’s very effective – beavers are wet when they come out of the water. Electric fences can also be used to prevent the building of new dams or to keep beavers out of gardens.” GERHARD SCHWAB – M.Sc. Wildlife biologist, BN-Beaver Manager Southern Bavaria 51 Rodents